Moves app

Moves App automatically records all your walking, running and cycling you do.

We are well into the New Year now, so this may be a good time to reassess all our resolutions to stay fit.  Moves app is an excellent tool to automatically record all your walking, running and cycling you do throughout the day.  Even, if trying to get fit is not the goal, this is a great app for everyone to download to simply keep track of how active you have been.

Moves is an automatic activity diary of your life-it has a storyline with maps showing where, when, and how much you moved throughout the day.  For those who want to keep track of more than just their walking, cycling and running,  there is a manual way to add other activities and keep track of them including gym training.

The calorie burn feature also calculates your daily idle calorie burn-but unfortunately cannot calculate the calories you consume.  Once downloaded onto your phone, Moves always stays on, so there’s no need to start and stop it.  As long as you keep your phone in your pocket or your bag all your moves will be recorded.

Available on both iOS and Android this is worth downloading for everyone-but let us warn you that the battery does get drained fairly fast.

Moves App

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