Written in Sand captures the essence of life in the UAE through shared photographs on their Facebook page.

A cursory glance is all that many of us give to the sights we encounter in Dubai on a daily basis.  Written in Sand is a group that photographs our typical Dubai surroundings and compiles them into their Facebook group.

The photographs include camels to Ferraris, shisha to cigars, local stores to glitzy shopping malls.  There are pictures of local craftsmen at work in hole-in-the-wall stores, people playing a makeshift game of cricket on the open space between towering high rises and beautiful old doorways that mark the entrance to traditional Arabian-style homes, which stand in marked contrast to the photos of window cleaners at work on the gleaming glass of multi-storey structures.

They are sights we often encounter as we go about our lives in Dubai but, viewed through the lens of Written in Sand’s eagle-eyed photographers, these commonplace activities take on a fascinating aura, infusing the everyday with a touch of mystery.

For more details and an opportunity to contribute, visit the groups facebook page: Written in Sand

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