Travelling the world drone-style from your couch

If you’re staying in Dubai this summer we have just discovered a new website that will have you traveling around the world, with no airport check-in required. The website is called ‘’ and allows you to discover wonderful places around the globe without having to leave home.

In fact, why don’t you take a whirlwind trip around the world with us?

Discover cities and landmarks around the world from above

Your first stop should be the cultural capital of France, where you can discover how similar the Versailles’s Castle and its à la Française gardens look via a bird’s eye view.

Next, you have the choice of waking up at sunrise in San Francisco, America or Perth, Australia.
Can’t decide between the two, why not visit both?



Now it’s time to take a sneak peak at Gardens by the Bay. This 101 hectares of park land in the city of Singapore is a green wonder with its amazing Supertree grove. You’ll also be able to discover the incredible Marina Bay Sand Hotel that faces the park, with its incredible horizon pool at the top of the 3 buildings overlooking the city.


To end our trip we’ll fly over Cape Town, South Africa, where you’ll be left feeling reinvigorated and ready to see all these treasures in real life in one day.

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