the zoo concept store jumerah beach road
the zoo concept store jumerah beach road

It’s unclear what came first, the name or its location, opposite the Dubai Zoo on Jumeirah Beach Road. Either way The Zoo Concept store works on many levels and its owner, or rather Zoo Keeper, has created a concept store that’s as fun, colourful, eclectic and unexpected as a trip to the zoo.

If we had a choice between looking at animals stuck in cages or laughing appreciatively at the quirky gizmos and gifts in boxes, we know what we’d opt for. Hussein Abdul Rasheed, the brother of Maha who is the proprietor of next door’s vintage store Bambah, has searched far and wide for his playful collection, with his funky space coming together as a one-stop destination for gifts, one of a kind T-shirts and off-the-wall home accessories.

Unsurprisingly in the capital of bling, one of their best sellers is an oversized ‘2 carat’ mug, the handle of which is a gold ring with an oversized diamond which you slip onto your wedding ring finger in order to hold the mug. We also love the fake surveillance camera and the inscribed gift wrap ribbons – ‘You Are Old’ being the most appropriate for some of our friends…

The shop also has a charitable nature – brightly coloured trainers that can be folded up and are so comfortable that they feel like you are wearing socks, are made by orphans in Brazil.

The Zoo Concept Store
Jumeirah Beach Road – opposite side of the Dubai (real) Zoo  – Tel: +971 50 5353 875
also open in Dubai Mall at the Shoe Level District – Tel +971 4 5016 888

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