This is the largest mobile Maze in the World.

Offering great outdoor fun, play and learning for the entire family, The Wonder Maze has now opened in Dubai at Riverland. While the little ones will certainly love the idea of playing hide and seek with their siblings or parents, it’s also a cool activity for teens.

The largest mobile maze in the world

The size of this maze looks quite impressive as it includes nearly 3000 meters of paths! With many twists, dead ends and turns, the maze paths are changed regularly to make sure visitors will always getting intrigued and confused.

A cool outdoor activity to try at your own pace, fun for kids and adults alike, seeking out several secret stations that lead visitors closer to the center of this larger-than-life maze, where there is a viewing platform standing 5 meter high.

With temperatures starting to rise again, plan ahead and bring a backpack filled with a hat, sunscreen, water and don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes. It usually takes 30 to 45 minutes to get to the exit and some may stay longer end up staying longer.

The Wonder Maze is located in Riverland


Opening Hours:

Daily from 2:00 Pm – 11:00 Pm

AED 35 for single entry pass.

AED 70 for full day pass.

AED 10 for each maze game

AED 10 for success certificate

AED 20 for 3D Maze Puzzle

Children below 100 CM enter for free.

Entry Passes available directly at the venue.

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