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home decor

Wall stickers are the perfect way to decorate a plain wall, add personality to a room, or personalise an otherwise empty space – and we’ve become even bigger fans of the easy decorating technique since we realised that the stickers can be functional too…

The wall stickers available at Autenticoliving.com are eye-catching and stylish, but solve storage or display dilemmas too. Hailing from Italy, each of the stickers has a function – whether it’s hanging clothes, storing jewellery, displaying kitchen crockery, or allowing you to jot down reminder notes.

Our favourite is Miss Dressy – a sticker representing a mannequin on a stand, which comes with two hooks to hang jewellery and a metal rod to hang clothes or accessories. The effect is striking, yet also solves the problem of where to display those items in your bedroom.

We also love Lady Hanger; a closet sticker with hook and rod to hang clothes, Tea Time ; a kitchen shelf sticker with hooks to hang kitchen crockery or tools, and Black Notes; a washing line-style sticker, with mini blackboards for you to write reminder notes in chalk.

Order the stickers online at www.autenticoliving.com/


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