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Refocus and Revitalize with the HJÄRTELIG collection.

HJÄRTELIG is the latest limited edition collection IKEA. Designers Maja Ganszyniec and Andreas Fredriksson have worked together to create a line that invites us to press the “pause” button.

In our busy, modern lives we can often feel removed from nature and even ourselves and the HJÄRTELIG collection is about the moments to re-focus and to revitalise ourselves.

Designed with a delicate touch, these home furnishing products have a light and peaceful feeling, yet are useful and durable for everyday life at home.

“With the HJÄRTELIG collection, we want to reach all your senses. Namaste.” – Maja Ganszyniec, Designer


From a multi-functional bed for stretching out, to scented candles for a calming ambience, the HJÄRTELIG collection is a range of furniture, home furnishing accessories and a yoga kit that’s designed to create a pleasant atmosphere for rest, relaxation and gentle exercise.

Special attention was given to the use of beautiful, natural materials that appeal to the senses and help us to feel grounded.

Cotton from more sustainable sources, rattan, linen, cork and solid pine all lend their unique qualities to different items. The calming appearance, the reassuring textures and even the natural scent – all these make HJÄRTELIG collection an everyday pleasure to use.


Materials in the HJÄRTELIG collection are important for their sensual qualities, which make them ideal for everyday use. They also make a statement about the common desire to live in closer connection to the natural world.

Other natural materials in the collection such as cork, linen, rattan and seagrass are durable for day-to-day use. And they also have long-term benefits for the wider world, as resources that are more sustainable to harvest and process.

The Limited Edition HJÄRTELIG collection by Ikea in Dubai is now available at the IKEA store Festival City.


Credit Images: IKEA

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