Pier Import Dubai

Shop for vintage and collectable home furniture and accessories at Pier Import on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Shopping for antique and collectable home decor in Dubai can be challenging.  Although there are plenty of home decor stores around town, we want one-of-a-kind items that will really stand out and make our home unique.

Pier Import Dubai Our recent find is Pier Import, a store we have crossed almost on a daily basis but never quite explored, until now. Packed with furniture and accessories, there is something here for every taste.  Although they have plenty of modern pieces and also the option to make bespoke items, we were drawn to their vintage selection.

Pier Import Dubai Dotted around the shop, you will find plenty of antique pieces including a wide array of different radios dating back to the early 1900’s (some of them are in working condition).  They also have old-school telephones that will add character to any coffee table.  We simply adore their selection of antique trunks and suitcases that make the perfect accessory in any bedroom or then can be stacked up to make a side table in the living room.  There are also old cameras, typewriters, record players and even sewing machines available to buy.

Decoration store in Mazaya CentrePier Import is the perfect shop for a good rummage if you want an eclectic mix of antique and retro items to decorate your home.

Pier Import
Sheikh Zayed Collector Rd – Dubai
Tel:+9714-343 2002

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