qraalc Arabic classes
qraalc Arabic classes

Introduce yourself to the local UAE language and customs in a two-day course

If you own a local business or a startup then this is one course that is very relevant for you.

A new two-day course will set you on your learning journey offering expats the chance to learn some key phrases and local customs of our host country.

The ‘Emirati Arabic Course’ is an upcoming two-day workshop where teachers will help you learn some common words and phrases to introduce which you can use when interacting with locals in various government departments and other business related meetings. The course also includes useful information on local customs.

If your Arabic goes as far as ‘falafel’ and ‘shawarma’ don’t worry, because this course is designed for absolute beginners. And if you like the experience, you can continue your education with a longer course at the Iqra’a Arabic Language Center headquarters in Jumeirah (and keep practicing with your Emirati friends!). The course begins next week, so be sure to register as places will fill quickly.

The Emirati Arabic Course will be held on September 8 and 10 (390 AED per person). For more information or to register, please contact info@iqraalc.com

Iqra’a Arabic Language Centre to learn Arabic
Office 28, Level 2 Sunset Mall
Jumeirah 3
Tel: 04 388 11 55


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