Choices galore with overnight camping, horse riding, dune buggy tours, 
UNIMOG tours, Sunset Lounge and plenty other activities.

Adventure seekers, history buffs and nature lovers are in for great days out this winter at the Mleiha Archaeological and Eco-tourism Project nestled in the ancient desert town of Mleiha in Sharjah.

The UNESCO nominated World Heritage site is one of UAE’s most important archaeological areas and offers tourists and residents alike plentiful opportunities to explore the nation’s civilizational past, archaeology and unique flora and fauna. This can be done at the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) destination through a plethora of individual and group activities – visits to the Archaeological Centre, dune buggy tours, ArchaeoMOG tours, guided horseback riding tours, to name a few. 

 Those seeking a more in-depth experience can opt for the Sunset Lounge package, which includes an off-road drive to catch the sunset in the desert; barbeque dinner in the desert and stargazing assisted by astronomy experts – all against the Faya mountain’s rugged backdrop. Overnight camping under the stars is also an option, which comes to an end with a breath-taking view of the sun rising over the desert.

 Those looking for shorter duration visits can explore the beauty of Mleiha’s landscape on horseback. This can be followed by a beautiful sunset view from the gazebo at the stables over a cup of hot karak. The ArcaheoMOG tour will take guests to a variety of different locations including the Valley of the Caves in this specially designed UNIMOG. A tour of the museum, followed by a walkthrough to the Mleiha Stables and refreshments in a hidden wadi is part of the experience. The destination offers both standard and customised experiences.  

Prior booking is advised. Call 050 2103780 or 06 802 1111, or email

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