Ladurée home fragance spray

Laduree has a line of home scents now available at their boutiques at The Beach JBR and in Dubai Mall.

When it comes to home decor, picking the right scent is just as integral as furniture, art and lighting.  Although we usually count on candles to help create the right mood and smell in a room, the Laduree Home Fragrances are definitely worth checking out.

Hard to believe, but yes, it is the famed French confectionary that is now selling an extensive range of home fragrances that each have a unique smell.  Given that the range consists of over 10 fragrances, you will be sure to find one signature scent that suits your personality and taste.  The Laduree scents are available in a host of different flavors from the sweet smell of roses to the subtle fragrance of rice powder.

A home fragrance is the way to go for every occasion-be it a party or then when you want to just simply relax after a long day.  The subtle scents instantly give the room a lift but also make it more inviting.

Priced at 290 AED per bottle it isn’t exactly cheap but you can rest assured you won’t get nauseous from the smell (something we experience from the supermarket home fragrances).  Oh, and they make an amazing gift!

Laduree Home Fragrances are available at Laduree The Beach JBR and Laduree Dubai Mall

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