Ikea Viktigt in Dubai

A minimalist’s dream!

You’ve probably never heard of Ingegerd Raman, but thanks to her simple, timeless pieces, the Swedish glass and ceramic designer is a big deal in the Scandinavian design world. Best known for her ultra-simple glassware and ceramics, Raman’s ‘Viktigt’ collection for Ikea contains plenty of essential and versatile accessories.

Ikea Viktigt in Dubai

Filled with gorgeous seating options, baskets, rugs, lamps, bowls, and sets of artfully designed glass and ceramic, in neutral shades and made of materials like bamboo and natural fibers this collection will let you update your villa or apartment without breaking the bank.

Thanks to the handmade quality of the glassware, ceramic and natural fiber pieces, this whole collection radiates a human energy and timeless beauty.   The pieces are handmade from natural fibers and are as far from standardized design as you can get.  Every chair and basket is different.

So if you’re looking to furnish your home or want to revamp after summer this limited Viktigt edition collection from Ikea is a must shop in Dubai.

IKEA VIKTIGT collection in Abu dhabi and Dubai

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