things to do for eid in dubai
things to do for eid in dubai

Forget about all that pre-planning and making of an itinerary-because lets face it that is always too stressful and usually blows up our budget.  So of course you can count us to come up with the no pressure, chilled out plan for this holiday.

Sit back and RELAX…

by grabbing the device lying closest to you with internet connection and log onto the website DoNothingfor2Minutes.com and challenge yourself to pause for a full two minutes without touching the mouse or keyboard.  While you wait, listen to the calming sound of waves breaking on a shore and the occasional call of a seagull to transport you to a calmer, more tranquil place. If you do something computer related during the allotted two minutes, like move the mouse or open a new tab because two minutes never felt soooo long, the site fails you and starts the timer all over again.

Log on now, you will be surprised by the result..

Lets get serious and EAT

Head downtown to the hip and happening Claw BBQ, an American eatery serving a range of dishes including seafood and grilled meats.  With a chilled out ambience it is the ideal spot to hangout.  Oh and did we mention the mechanical bull that you can test your inner cowgirl on?

Claw Bbq
Souq Al Bahar
Tel: +971 4 432 2300

How about calling a group of friends to PLAY

…yes go back to old-school goodness and relive your childhood days where entertainment consisted of endless hours of competitive games of monopoly and risk.  With time on your hands this break, playing a few rounds of games will definitely be fun…

Board games are available at Magrudys and Virgin Megastores around Dubai.

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