Shower Tower Company

The Shower Tower Company’s Burj Khalifa shaped soap is the perfect gift.

Looking for an affordable but unique gift idea for loved ones?  Check out The Shower Tower Company, the world’s first Soapenir range. A Soapenir is a souvenir made of luxury soap that contains organic Shea butter and 100% natural ingredients. The Shower Tower offers the perfect Dubai tribute, whilst still being a functional product, making it a great gift.

The soaps contain 100% natural raw ingredients, including a high percentage of Shea butter which is a superfood for your skin. Shea butter is rich in vitamin A and E and contains the necessary nutrients which feeds your skin to produce collagen naturally. If you are short on time during your daily showering routine, using a Shower Tower means you can skip moisturising your skin post showering due to the hydrating effects of Shea butter.

Each Shower Tower is scented with 100% pure perfume oils made in Switzerland. Currently, the scent that is available is Lavender which offers further skin and body benefits such as, relief from muscle and joint pain, acne treatment and aiding in sleeping.

The Shower Tower retails for AED 95 and can be ordered online by visiting



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