The Urban Yogi

The Urban Yogi offers furniture and accessories with a distinct style and a multicultural appeal.

We are always on the lookout for adding a cool yet interesting design element to our home and our latest find is The Urban Yogi. A Dubai-based home décor store, it carries a distinct vintage meets industrial style of ethically sourced and ecologically responsible products, whenever possible.

A design house that values traditional craftsmanship, exotic woods and lush materials, The Urban Yogi offers a wide spectrum of elements in décor.

The eclectic pieces are inclusive, colorful and most of all, unique. They won’t overwhelm but instead spice up your space. Oh, and they aren’t offensively expensive either!

We can’t help but fall for the brands signature textiles, and furniture in rich colors and natural fabrics.

Check out our selection of carefully curated pieces that can really add a cool, multicultural and diverse style to your room.

Vintage Trunk Collection:

Urban Yogi Dubai

A collection of television units, bookcases, bedside tables and shelves made of pure iron, the entire collection stands out because of the addition of colorful vintage suitcases cut up to make drawers. They will give a pop of color and retro take to any room.


Kantha Arm Chairs:

Urban Yogi DubaiUpholstered using the vintage ‘kantha’ fabric sourced directly from Bangladesh and West Bengal, these statement armchairs are made in India. Each chair is constructed using different prints giving it an interesting kaleidoscopic of jewel tones and making it completely unique.


Handwoven Dhurrie Rugs:

Urban Yogi Dubai This line of cotton handwoven rugs, traditionally known as ‘dhurrie’ are made in India. Available in a plethora of solid colors, the chevron and hexagon design give them a contemporary twist. We adore the ones with the silver and gold threadwork. They come in different sizes and styles including runner, mat and carpet.


Suzani Ottoman:

Suzani -Urban Yogi Dubai

A hand-embroidered textile from Central Asia, Suzani is the ‘It’ fabric for home decor. The multi-purpose and functional ottoman can be used as a coffee table, bench or then decorative statement piece to add some color into a room.


Porcelain Dishes:

Urban Yogi DubaiAn exquisite line of 24-karat gold plated tableware that includes platters, mugs, tea sets and bowls, it is a must-have. Each collection has its own design and our personal favorite is the one that depicts the royal culture of the Nizams of Hyderabad and their gorgeous jewels. These pieces can be used for serving food or then displayed as decorative items around the home.


Vintage Ads Collection:

Urban Yogi Dubai

This exclusive line of furniture is made with mango wood and pays homage to the vintage advertisements of the bygone years in India. A fun and playful line of consoles and cupboards, we love the vibe.


Bespoke Children’s Furniture:

Urban Yogi Dubai

Made in UAE, this collection of minimalistic but practical miniature furniture is irresistible. Armchairs and couches with cotton and linen fabrics that have scotch guard on them for protection, can also be customized for adults.

The Urban Yogi Store is located at Times Square Centre
Tel:+9715- 50 558 1877

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