Liwa Date Festival 2016 UAE

The 14th annual edition of the Liwa Date Festival.

Ready to celebrate the date season? The Liwa Date Festival 2018 will be displaying the finest dates from across the country along with other various cultural activities.

Held every year in July, we recommend piling up into the car and driving over to Liwa City, Al Gharbia for the 14th annual edition of the Liwa Date Festival 2018.

Hosted in the middle of the desert (don’t worry it is all inside an air-conditioned tent) you will find the best UAE dates and other fruits including mangoes and lemons, along with some wonderful cultural activities.

Amongst the competitions that relate to heritage, culture, and art, there are some highlights such as the Mazayna – competitions for the best dates, including different types and varieties–, best lemons and mangoes, the Model Farm award and much more.

This event is one of the highlights of the year. Dates are an integral part of the UAE’s history and heritage and the festival is a wonderful way to celebrate, understand and educate yourself about their cultural importance.

Organised on the sidelines of the festival, don’t miss the Traditional Market as it is considered as a key part of this special annual event. All the products on display reflect the spirit and the authenticity of Emirati society. The Market provides a unique opportunity for Emirati families to display tools, equipment, and handmade products – primarily derived from palm trees and dates – that used to constitute an integral part of the daily lives of their ancestors.

Liwa Date Festival 2018 (18th -28th July 2018 from 4pm-10pm daily)

Liwa City, Al Gharbia, Western Region | Website


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