bounce workout dubai
bounce workout dubai

Bounce is located in Al Quoz and is the first of its type trampoline activity centre for all ages in Dubai.

Regardless of our age we do like to embrace our inner child from time to time so imagine our excitement when we heard that the first indoor trampoline park was coming to Dubai.

A spacious warehouse that has now been converted into one big trampoline, it will give you an adrenaline rush from the moment you walk in.  Once the bags are deposited and you have the funky grip socks on, it is time to leap in and start jumping.

The space is divided into different sections, the largest being the free jumping with over 50 interconnected trampolines that you can try learning some fancy tricks while bouncing off the walls or maybe just focus on not falling!

Another play area is where groups can participate in dodge ball (yes, that’s right it’s a double challenge as you try and bounce your way through and avoid the ball!).  Basketball enthusiasts can practice their slam dunk techniques while jumping high!

An awesome new spot for the entire family, there are activities for toddlers, teens and adults.  Trained professionals are always on hand to train, assist and ensure safety remains a priority.

A fool-proof way to burn calories, build your strength and firm your core, trust us when we tell you this spring-loaded playground is fun, fun, fun!!

Bounce rates for adults prices start at 80 AED per hour and for children prices start at 70 AED per hour.

Bounce Middle East
Exit 43 on SZR
Street 4b (Behind Ace Hardware)
Al Quoz
Tel:+971 4 3211 400

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