Mountain Buggy Fitness is a group of mums in Dubai that workout with their babies and buggies.

If you’re a new mum struggling with weight and taking care of your baby then we have just the solution.  With our latest find you can workout with your child and use the stroller as the resistance (oh yes, don’t worry the classes are perfectly safe).

The sessions will ensure all body parts are worked out including abs, stomach and legs.  Apart from getting a good workout in it is also the perfect way to meet new mums who are going through exactly what you are-sleep deprivation, readjustment of lifestyle and other changes!

You will definitely leave the class feeling refreshed, energized and ready to take on the world!

Based out of Al Farjan Villas and The Palm, the workouts are for about an hour and usually start at 8:45 am.  Open to everyone it is also the perfect way to meet new mums.  A fun workout, it is also a social activity that new mums can definitely benefit from.

So instead of sitting at home and fretting over the baby weight, grab the baby and stroller and head over for the workout.

For updates and exact location and timings for the next workout just log onto their Facebook page below.

Mountain Buggy Fitness

Photo Nic Ellis 

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