Hire a restaurant in Dubai

Urban Bistro organizes ‘Hijack Our Kitchen’ where anyone from the public can do a takeover of the restaurant for one night only.

Every dreamed of being a restaurateur? Well, now you have the chance to do exactly that right here in Dubai.  A popular concept abroad but now for the first time in the UAE, Urban Bistro, a local cafe, based in Dubai Media City offers a member of the public to take over their kitchen for just one night.

So, how exactly does this work?  Firstly, the person must be confident and know exactly what they want to do.  Once the vision has been discussed, then the plan is put into action.  Everything from the concept, decor, seating, guest list and most importantly menu are then planned for the upcoming event.

The chef works closely with the host to plan and finalize the recipes.  Depending on the theme, the host can provide their own personal recipes as well for the kitchen to execute and present.

The person organizing the event is also responsible for drawing in the crowd.  In order for the event to go through there must be 45 to 65 people.  Those attending the event can purchase a ticket-a portion of the money is donated to charity.

Kitchen takeover in Dubai is a fun new way of dining and its enjoyable for the host and the guests.

To get more details on the next ‘Hijack Our Kitchen’ contact Urban Bistro at +9714-3624330


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