massage for pregnant woman
massage for pregnant woman

Oh it’s wonderful to be pregnant! Well so everyone says… As excited as I am about our first sprog, I can’t work out what’s so wonderful about a tight belly, bra straps that just get tighter, weeping during fabric softener commercials and feeling like a hag with achy joints…

At least something can be done about the last complaint, so I cleared time in the diary and headed to Sensasia Urban Spa for some much-needed ‘me’ time. Their Yummy Mummy to be Massage promises to ease muscle discomforts and help with body tension. Arriving tighter than a tourniquet at their newest branch at Emirates golf Club, my therapist had her work cut out.

My therapist – Rooney – really is the perfect antidote to a wound-up pregnant woman’s woes. Laying me on my side and using strategically placed pillows to ensure my comfort, she recommended a fatigue relieving oil. I’m partial to a firm massage and was worried she’d be so overly cautious that I wouldn’t feel a thing, but she balanced it perfectly. My shoulders felt like they’d dropped six stories and I left feeling more yummy and a lot less crummy!

Emirates Golf Club 04 417 9820


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