Kids-only gyms and fitness classes are becoming all the rage in Dubai.

As the weather heats up in Dubai, parents are looking for new ways to entertain their little ones and keep them active. In recent months, we have noticed a trend of kids-only and kid-friendly gyms that are popping up across the city.

One of these venues that caught our attention is We Rock the Spectrum, an indoor playground and gym designed around the developmental needs of young children. The gym, located in Jumeirah’s Beach Park Plaza, features suspended equipment with swings that help children develop their balance, crash mats and crash pillows for motor planning and strength.

It also features zip lines for stress release and relaxation, trampolines for building leg and core strength, play structures for climbing, sensory-based toys for improving fine motor skills and arts and crafts activities for hand-eye coordination.

My Gym , situated on Al Wasl Road in Jumeirah, is another great facility for children from 6 weeks to 10 years of age. The gym is tailored to children’s physical development and offers weekly classes that incorporate dance, music, games, sports, gymnastics and more that focus on improving children’s strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, confidence and social skills.

Some of Dubai’s most established fitness centre chains such as Fitness First have also introduced special classes just for kids. At Fitness First, children of all ages can take swimming lessons at the gym’s Swim Academy, or choose from the long list of dance classes provided through the Step Up Academy such as ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, and hip hop.

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