ramadan and eid decoration
ramadan decoration

During this Holy Month of Ramadan log onto Mumzworld, an online shop filled with creative Islamic gifts and products.  A one-stop shop it is the perfect place to find items that celebrate the Islamic culture and festivities for all ages.

We have browsed the website and found some great products ideal for gifting to children and adults and are particularly fond of the items below:

Ramadan Sticker Calendar : A colorful sticker calendar to keep track of Ramadan days leading up to Eid. Children of all ages can use the stickers to visualize the countdown to Eid Al Fitr and relate it to the lunar cycle. Track time as the month elapses, using the stickers to mark each day until you arrive at Eid with a full bouquet of flowers!

Ramadan Decorations:  Pick from a wide choice of hanging lights with lantern and crescent designs to decorate the exterior and interior of the house.

Ramadan Journal : This Ramadan journal will inspire its readers to learn and to do their best this Ramadan. The journal is filled with short stories, information, healthy eating advice, habits analysis, daily diary sheets, a Ramadan calendar and creative ideas for Eid. There are daily questions and a deed to perform each day, from visiting relatives to offering dates to your neighbour.

What is Ramadan activity book : A 26 page, paperback, full colour activity book that explains the celebration of Ramadan to a multi-cultural audience. Children from 10 different countries around the world talk about their countries and Ramadan traditions and share their traditions through recipes, crafts and puzzles.

My Ramadan Journal around the world : A 56 page, hard cover, full color journal that takes children around world to 15 different countries. This book is designed for Ramadan and the journal is packed with Ramadan facts, recipes and activities along with references to the Quran, Hadith and dua’s for children.

My Ramadan Journal around the world


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