Book your spot for this holiday themed creative art class for parents and kids in Dubai.

Looking for a way to bond with the little ones?  Check out We Love Art, a unique platform in the UAE where art lovers of all skill levels and experiences can come together and paint around Dubai, as they will be launching the first of many parent and child painting classes on the 9th December. This special Christmas edition, taking place at The Wooden Cellar in Sports City. This 90 minute workshop will bring together parents and their kids to create a very special holiday themed painting which will make the perfect gift for someone special or an iconic piece of art to add to your Christmas decorations.

Starting at 10:30am the workshop will run for 90 minutes and include snacks and refreshments for all guests. Each parent and child duo will get two canvases one for little and one for big. The canvases are pre sketched to make things a little bit easier and while your child paints one canvas you paint the other, when you’re done the two canvases together will create the complete picture…like magic!

This workshop is available to children 5 years and over and costs just AED 289 per couple which includes all your equipment, canvas and nibbles!

The Paint and Giggle class will take place on Saturday 9th of December at The Wooden Cellar in Sports City.  Prebookings are a must and can be made through

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