hip hop for kids in dubai
hip hop for kids in dubai

Would your child prefer to breakdance than pirouette? Would they rather pop and lock than plié? The good news is that energetic little movers in Dubai can now learn all the basics of Hip Hop dancing, with classes suitable from four years.

Hip Hop is a term used to describe dance styles that evolved outside of dance studios in spaces such as streets, school yards and nightclubs. The dances are often improvisational and social in nature, with participants interacting with other dancers and spectators. It incorporates lots of different dance styles, including breakdance, popping, locking, hip hop new style, house dance, and electro dance.

Classes will burn energy, increase fitness levels, and exercise their imagination – and girls and boys are both welcome.

Hip Hop classes are available in Dubai Marina (age groups ‘4 to 7’ and ‘8+’) and Green Community (age groups ‘9 to 11’ and ‘12+’)

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