The Green Planet in Dubai is the first rainforest of its kind in the city.

If you are curious about exploring a rainforest then you no longer need to leave Dubai.  The Green Planet in Dubai is a fully immersive vertical rainforest where you can explore and interact with a whole new world of exotic flora and fauna.

The Green Planet Dubai 1

An amazing experience to witness the unique beauty of nature (there are over 3000 plants in there) it is open to the curious and adventurous, the young and old.  Oh, and did we mention the birds, cockroaches and even sloths!

The Green Planet Dubai 2

The Green Planet Dubai5

The Green Planet Dubai




The Green Planet was conceptualized to bring together nature and the science of nature, which when combined invite, amaze and inspire appreciation of our natural world.

The delicate layers of the forest have been recreated with the different plants and animals that inhabit each, providing a glimpse behind the veil of greenery.

Learn how to nurture and protect the many beautiful, interesting and unique species that can be found within the forests of the world through this truly enlightening experience.

Get a sneak peek of what to expect check out these videos below:

To book tickets for The Green Planet, Citywalk go to the following link:  http://www.thegreenplanetdubai.com

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