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Wild Child Designz is a Dubai-based business for kid’s furniture.

Do those cookie-cutter kid’s furniture stores bore you?  If so, then read on because we just discovered Wild Child Designz, a homegrown brand that manufactures in Dubai and revels in all things whimsical.  A combination of artistic design and practicality, everything about the collection is fun and appealing yet innovative and functional.

There is a range of designs to pick from that include cupboards, desks, beds and accessories-basically everything you need in a child’s room (and a little more).  The unique signature collection has been inspired by a child’s innocence and imagination. The designs include, Wonderland Wardrobe to the Travelling Wardrobe and Forest Friends Bench to the Secret Study, there is something for every age group and taste.  We personally adore the motifs and the quirky details-from the angel wings on the back of a chair to the color your own bookshelf-they offer a sense of fantasy and play.

Each piece is made using traditional methods of craftsmanship, while combing modern technology to create high-quality and long-lasting items, that are of course, child-friendly.  Best of all, the products grow with the kids.

Parents can work with the designer to change colors and details from the collection or then create a new piece from scratch.  Pieces start at 1500 AED and are delivered in 4 weeks and more once an order is placed.

Wild Child Designz
Tel:+971 50 181 0375

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