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Coaching services and support for mothers in Dubai

Having a baby can be an overwhelming experience, and for those expats who are pregnant in Dubai, away from family and friends back home, it can be even harder.

If you have a whole list of questions and concerns pertaining to the pregnancy and then life after, we know just the service that can give you support and help to get you through this successfully.

Maternity Coaching offers help in understanding and working on all the different aspects that come with getting pregnant and expanding the family. A trained and experienced coach can guide you through what to expect when expecting, balancing relationships with the husband and other family, balancing your work and other priorities and of course the first steps as a parent.

The entire coaching session is tailor-made according to your own personal concerns and helps your transition into this whole new lifestyle in a smooth and successful manner.

Depending on your personal choice you could do one session or several. The price for a one-hour session is 250 AED and a package for 5 sessions is 1000 AED.

This bespoke service is definitely worth exploring for all the mums-to-be as it can take away all the concerns and jitters that they may have!

Maternity Coaching

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