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Yum by Mum will prepare toddler food and deliver it daily to your home.

Parenting is tiring enough, and for many the chopping, cooking, freezing and planning (and often rejection) of food is one of the hardest parts. But what if someone could take that stress away, by preparing and delivering your meals for your little ones?

Yum by Mum is the brainchild of two Dubai mums, and they’re taking the guesswork out of weaning, and the trouble out of toddler food with daily delivery of freshly prepared children’s food. Never from frozen, these delicious and nutritious meals are made from fresh ingredients with no added salt, sugar and preservatives. It’s a no hassle, no fuss way of feeding those tiny tummies without slaving away in the kitchen.

So how does it work?

First select the right stage for your child, with smooth purees made from fruit and vegetables for Baby Stage 1, added protein for Baby Stage 2, textured dishes for Baby Stage 3, and then Toddler (age 1-2) and Children meals for those over 3 years old. You can choose a three-day or one-week (six day) plan depending on your needs, with deliveries on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, arriving in an insulated cool box, which is returned to Yum By Mum (you can even put the washed packaging in there for recycling).

All meals are fully cooked and ready to serve, either cold or warmed up and they’re safe to freeze for up to four weeks. As for what’s on the menu, your little foodies can expect exciting flavour combinations for purees, like tomato, carrot and basil, and dishes include quinoa and turkey meatballs and baked chicken bites with sweet potato, plus nourishing snacks.

All you need to worry about is wiping happy, messy faces.

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