A new addition to the childcare service in Dubai that busy mums or those looking for a few hours to themselves will love.

DubaiKidCare, has been created by expatriate parents living here in Dubai and is inspired by the French childcare model system.  The idea came about because the couple wanted to share childcare service with another family (in their neighborhood).  
How does it work? Parents contact DubaiKidCare through the website or call them directly to give their exact childcare requirements.

A reliable babysitter service with trained staff is put in place.

You can choose from an experienced babysitter or Nurse depending on the age of your child. Children are then looked after jointly with another family that has the same needs in the same neighborhood. 

The service is ideal to use for few hours per day on a regular basis and can be totally bespoke to meet your needs-in terms of timing and other details.

Sharing a common babysitter with other families allows children to be more social and have more interaction with others. The cost of childcare is also reduced as trained and qualified nannies end up being very expensive in the long run. 
This is definitely a service worth exploring if you have kids and no family support system to help with childcare.

For more information on bespoke services call +971 (0)551338765


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