Six Senses and Galeries Lafayette are organizing summer workshops for your little ones.

With summer fast approaching, and the long holidays ahead, parents searching for a sustainable alternative to activities for their little ones can look to Six Senses Zighy Bay and Galeries Lafayette for inspiration. ‘’Little Green Fingers’’ is a series of planned workshops, each workshop is designed to teach youngsters aged between five to eleven how to upcycle, recycle or to make things from natural products and much more.

Galeries Lafayette at Dubai Mall will host the ‘’Little Green Fingers’’ on Mondays and Wednesdays, where the Six Senses team will run a fun range of activities, helping them connect with nature and learn how to preserve it, all inspired by the quirky fun of Six Senses Zighy Bay. Little ones are encouraged to bring a bit of their personality by owning the conducted activities for deeper understanding and more effective engagement. Meanwhile, mothers can enjoy a private pampering shopping experience at Galerie Lafayette, having premium brands under one roof and offering a wide spectrum of trendy and classic goods, from beauty and accessories to fashion and home furniture and appliances, kids and mothers alike will have a blast.

Starting from July 1st until August 7th, the two-hour workshops will run from 11 am until 1 pm, with a range of activities including:

  • Grow your own plant: Children will start the journey by studying the lifecycle of a plant, from seed reclamation, soil preparation and plant care, they will be centred in the stage of life and nature, ideal to give the little ones a green thumb.
  • Become an environment superhero: Secrets and wonders of the sea worlds will be revealed with a marine biology session, the expert will take the kids to underwater worlds, educate them about it, and show them how to contribute to its cleanliness and everlasting life. This will be completed with a recycling course where children will learn how to help waste find a new life.
  • Creations by curious minds: Children who enjoy expressing their creativity and experimenting with raw materials will have the opportunity to learn how to melt, pour and carve soaps, a separate session for mothers and kids will take place to make them enjoy a quality time with cold processed soap making, families can gift each other their own creations or compete to know who’s best! Kids will be allowed to freely express their own skills and creativity with kite making, salt dough art, leaf painting and much more.
  • A journey through culture: Little ones will get to explore the Middle Eastern culture and customs such as traditional dress ups, Henna tattoos, clay painting and an overview of date growth stages, this is a personalized introduction to the rich Middle Eastern heritage and what makes it so unique.
  • Strong body, strong mind: Physical wellbeing will have a dedicated session with kids’ Yoga and Pilates to shake off summer laziness and celebrate it with an active lifestyle, whether they’re athletes in the making or active fun lovers, these activities will teach them how a strong body nurtures a strong mind.

The last session, happening on August 7th, will be dedicated to reflecting on the entire journey as visitors will check the progress of the plants they cared for and exhibit the art they crafted.

‘’Little Green Fingers’’ from Six Senses Zighy Bay promise an intimate look at the core values of the resort, it’s an opportunity to closely experience the culture and deep-rooted beliefs Six Senses Zighy Bay practices, and to promote a more sustainable and environmentally aware tourism, cultivating its principles within the travellers, bridged to visitors through Galeries Lafayette for a journey and an adventure that is not be missed.

Workshops Schedule:

July 1st: Introduction (Free session)

July 3rd: Planting – seed reclamation, soil preparation and plant care.

July 8th: Soap melting and carving (a supervising adult must be present with the child during this session).

July 10th: wellness camp – Yoga, Pilates, …

July 15th: Cold soap processing for kids and mums.

July 17th: Middle Eastern culture class

July 22nd: Paper making.

July 24th: Paper arts and crafts.

July 29th: waste and plastic upcycling.

July 31st: Environment conservation.

August 5th: Assorted crafts – Kite making, salt dough art, leaf painting…

August 7th: Recap – Art crafts and plants showcasing.


1 Session: AED 120

1 Week (2 sessions): AED 200

Full program: AED 999

For more information and booking, please follow this link:

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