Apple Rose Tart

How to keep our kids entertained during the warmest months in Dubai

Hot days are back in Dubai and we are getting stuck indoors for the next couple of months. If you are staying here over the summer with the kids then we have some ideas to keep them entertained.

We found useful video resources to browse that proposes many DIY activities that will undoubtedly reinforce their independence and creativity.

A Pastry activity kids will be proud of making

These rose-shaped individual apple tarts look so gorgeous it is quite unbelievable to discover how simple they are to do. Your little ones will definitely keep busy with making these desserts on their own.

And once you have tried it with cream cheese as suggested in the video, you’ll discover you can actually also create a lot of variations with other ingredients such as jams …

Ever wondered how to embrace the tie-dye trend ?

This tie-dye trend finally doesn’t look that complicated after watching the video below. All you need is rubber bands, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, foam sheets, a few white paper pages, a rolling pin and some paint. And then let the magic happen!


Ready for a DIY Bath jelly workshop at home?

It’s no secret kids and teens are all in love with Lush cosmetics items.No need to rush to the mall for them because now you can let your teens create their own bath jellies at home. It’s all about chemistry and the results are great.

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