kids meal dubai delivery
kids meal dubai delivery

Health Factory provides a Special Lunch Box diet plan of meals prepared especially for children.

Do you have a fussy easter on your hands?  If you are struggling to figure out the right amount of nutrition and calories for your child then read on.  Health Factory could be the answer to your dilemma.

Try out the ‘Super Heroes’ program starting with a free consultation with a nutritionist to set up a customized meal plan that will ensure your child gets the right amount of nutrition they need.  The Special Lunch Box diet plan (for kids from 5 years old) consists of delicious meals that help in the physical and intellectual development of children.  Rest assured that the look, taste and variety of the dishes are all designed in  a way, that they appeal to the children.  Yes, so even the most difficult eater will give this meal a try.

Once you confirm the order the meals are home delivered to you every day of the school week.  Each pack includes 4 meals and 2 snacks.  This ensures your child will have a full days meal with lots of different flavors and variety to pick from for the entire day without getting bored.

So if you have been busy and are guilty of throwing together whatever you find in the fridge for your child to eat then perhaps this guaranteed healthy food for kids option is worth exploring.

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