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Recently had a baby? If you’re starting to think about getting back into exercise, finding the right class can be tricky… You probably aren’t keen on the idea of leaving your little one and perhaps feel daunted about the prospect of joining a class with a higher fitness level than you.

If this rings true, we have found the perfect solution. Pure Fitness UAE specialises in fitness classes for women entering into motherhood, with classes taking place all over Dubai. Most of the classes involve your baby too, solving the problem of childcare, whilst others give you the opportunity to socialise with other new mums and make new friends whilst getting back into shape.

We love the sound of the BuggEfit – an exercise class that makes use of your baby in their buggy as a form of resistance. It helps to tone up wobbly bits after pregnancy and birth, and is currently held in Safa Park, Arabian Ranches, and Hayya Meadows on a weekly basis.

Shape Up 4 U is also on our hit list – a six-week Weight Management and Exercise Course to get you on the road to a slimmer, fitter you. Take your baby along to the classes and expect to feel enlightened and inspired about nutrition when you leave at the end of the 30-40 minute sessions.

Finally, for those that love to dance, why not give ZumbaMumba a try? The class is designed to give new mums a laugh, whilst also giving them a good cardio and calorie-burning workout.

Check for a timetable and location details.

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