knot genie detlangling brush
knot genie detlangling brush

Knot Genie Detangling Brush that can unravel knots quickly and painlessly and is available in Dubai.

It can be miserable trying to ease knots out of hair – whether it’s your own locks or those of your child.  We’ve tried everything in the past, including countless conditioners, several different oils, and bribery tactics to get the kids to allow us near them with a hairbrush! So when we heard that a Dubai company had launched the Knot Genie Detangling Brush, we couldn’t wait to give it a try.

The Knot Genie was specially designed to unravel knots in hair without unravelling happy moods. The easy-to-hold, lightweight, cloud-shaped design features a unique uneven bristle formation that acts like tiny fingers – spreading, separating, and undoing knots, without tearing the hair from its follicles in the process. The bristles are more flexible than traditional brushes and bend to gently untie knots. The result is a better (and more successful!) hair brushing experience, alongside healthier, more manageable hair.

We’ve tried it and we’re impressed… It eases out knots quickly and painlessly, leaving hair untangled and shiny-looking. Children seem to love it, even volunteering to brush their own hair (which was previously unheard of in our household!) And it works wonders in our hair too – in fact, we’ve not been able to switch back to our usual hairbrush after discovering how easy it is to use! It gets a big thumbs up from Dubai Confidential!

The Knot Genie is available in five colours – Puff of Purple, Blue Cloud, Tinseltown Silver, Camo Cloud and Fairy Pink. It costs 80 AED and is available to buy on www.mumzworld.com/knotgenie

Tel: +971 50 9869687
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