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Back to Games in Dubai

BORED over the summer? Try a BOARD game.

Spending too much time glued to a screen? Turn those square eyes back to normal and challenge your family to a top-table game.

Back to Games is the UAE’s first retail shop specializing in modern board and card games. Located in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, they host a variety of games for the most passionate gamer, as well as those new to the gaming world.

The team spend time teaching you new games and you can continue the experience by playing to your hearts content, in their specially designed stores.

If you are dipping your toe into the world of games, try gateway games, which are easier to master and take less time to play.

The cost? – It’s free to play the games in store.  Owner, Mark Azzam, believes that the young generation shouldn’t miss out on this type of entertainment due to a price tag, so if you want to spend 3 hours there, you are always welcome. You can also buy games to take home, as well as buy online.

Azaam grew up playing top-table games against his mother in Canada.  He noticed the increase of people in the UAE entertaining themselves and kids with electronic devices and wanted them to experience the connection he had with his mother when playing games – something you don’t get by staring at your phone.

Times Square Mall – Dubai – +971 4 323 1336

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