Take time to read and discover more about Alayah, a young girl living in Jumeirah.

Love to read stories with your young kids that help them connect to their roots? We just discovered ‘Alayah’ a treasureful ebook that has been published in late 2014 by Sail Publishing a company specializing in digital publishing.

This is the first book written by Alia Al Shamsi, an Emirati-Italian lady who has a background in photography and photojournalism.

This 13-page book is a story about Alayah, a young girl who is born with sand in her hair and tries again and again to remove it as she gets extremely bothered by it.

A poetic and metaphoric way indeed to share with our little ones the importance of roots within the family.

This book particularly relates to the new generation living in the UAE whose parents were born here and also the many third culture kids living in the UAE who are born in one country, grow in another, speak different languages since their early childhood and need these roots to build their own personality.

The book also allows you to discuss the changing times, another theme evoked within the story.

The author worked closely with Hedaya Al Rahmah the illustrator.

We are fans of this little girl and hope to read more stories and see her growing with her young readers.

You can download this ebook on your kindle with Amazon for free and also on ibooks.

Definitely one book to enjoy with the whole family!

Alayah ebook 2

©Image : Alia Alshamsi and Hedaya Al Rahmah

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