Bikanervala offers typical South Indian cuisine at very affordable prices in the heart of Karama.

Looking for a cheap, delicious, and authentic Indian eatery in Dubai? We’ve found the perfect place… Bikanervala is a no-frills, but impeccably clean Indian café that serves traditional Indian dishes – and it’s well worth making the journey to Karama to visit.

We recommend ordering the ‘Dosa’ – a South Indian version of the crepe. Made from rice and lentils, it’s long and golden brown in colour and comes in over ten different varieties – but we always opt for the basic vegetarian ‘Masala’.

Although the dish is available in most Indian restaurants in Dubai, Bikanervala probably serve one of the best.   After placing our order and paying a mere 8 AED, we head to the counter to watch as the chef expertly pours the thin white batter over the flat girdle.  Having had several failed attempts to make it at home, we know it’s not an easy task!

The inside is filled with potatoes, simply cooked in cumin, turmeric and with the green chilies. As side dishes, one bowl containing white coconut chutney and the other containing Sambar, a watery vegetable curry with a hint of spice. The best way to eat the dosa is to methodically dip it in the chutney for the perfect bite.

The trek to Bikanervala is a bit challenging during the week, so we recommend going there at weekends. With both staff and ambience relaxed, it is well worth a visit if you want a simple, tasty, and affordable Indian meal.

Bikanervala is opposite Burjuman Center in Karama (behind Bombay Chowpatty).

Bikanervala – traditional Indian food
Al Shafar 4 B Street  Karama
Tel: +9714-3968813

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