Krasota Restaurant offers a visionary and innovative dining destination in Dubai.

Located at the sophisticated and timeless, Address Downtown Hotel, Krasota is a gastronomic immersive theater that combines haute cuisine, unique art and visual storytelling. You can choose between two gastronomic shows: ‘Imaginary Art’ dedicated to the worlds of renowned artists or ‘Imaginary Future’ unveiling the futuristic scenarios of humankind. For our first visit we picked ‘Imaginary Art’.

Guests are literally transported to another universe once they step in through the doors. It is as if one is entering a realm where the interior speaks louder than words. The restaurant’s design is a symphony of elegance, where every detail orchestrates a visual celebration. There is also a relaxing but beautifully curated outdoor terrace. No matter where you choose to be seated, you won’t be disappointed as the servers are attentive and the attention to detail is unmatched.

The evening begins with appetizers that are a work of art-each one meticulously created with ingredients that you would never imagine could pair so well together. From the very start you won’t know quite what has hit you, but you will be glad it did!

The guests are then invited into the main dining hall for the start of the show. ‘Imaginary Art’ is an immersive gastronomic adventure into the world of eight exceptional artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, whose creative endeavors significantly influenced the development of modern art. Each guest has their own server who is there on hand to not only explain every dish but also to provide you with anything you may need.

Nothing can truly prepare you for the wonder that follows. An extravaganza of music, art and food like never before, each segment stimulates every one of the guests’s five sense, creating a truly sensory-rich experience that encompasses perceptions, such as taste, aroma, texture, color and even sound. Using the principles of synesthesia, it is a performance with a tasting set from Chef Vladimir Mukhin and complemented by the impressive audiovisual effects and revived paintings and exquisitely selected haute cuisine dishes come together in a captivating experience where time dissolves.

A perfect setting for celebrating significant moments in a captivating atmosphere, this is a unique fine dining destination that merges haute cuisine and visual art. Get ready to embrace your imagination and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Krasota. Every show lasts about 1.5- 2 hours and accommodates only 20 visitors.

Krasota is located at Address Hotel Downtown Dubai.

+971 4433-12-58

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