Amò at Via Toledo is located at Address Beach Resort.

Address Beach Resort is one of our favorite properties in Dubai. Offering stunning views and that resort-like feel, it transports you straight into holiday-mode once you step foot inside. Our latest discovery there is Amò at Via Toledo, an Italian restaurant whose repertoire extends to delicate antipasti, fresh seafood and beyond.

It is best to sit outside on the large terrace that offers one of the most fantastic views of JBR and Bluewaters. The menu can seem a bit overwhelming as everything sounds very tempting. We made life easy by letting the Chef send us his signature dishes-because we knew we couldn’t go wrong with that decision!

The artisanal bread, Italian olive oil and balsamic were outstanding and we knew we were in for a real treat ahead. Next came the antipasti. The first dish of cod in beetroot osmosis, basil oil and saffron mayo-beautifully presented the flavors were light and delicate on the palette. The traditional Italian dish of veal with tuna sauce, egg bottarga and caper flowers was aromatic and simply divine in its taste.

The soul-warming fusilloni pasta was served with a richly sauced Neapolitan rag and buffalo mozzarella emulsion was an outstanding dish and a house favorite for obvious reasons.

There is a selection of dishes in the Secondi section and we were treated to the indulgent fried shrimp and Italian squid that we quickly tucked into.

Amò at Via Toledo celebrates the essence of Italy and is a place you will want to tick off your Italian restaurant bucket list!

Amo at Via Toledo is located at Address Beach Resort

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