laserre dubai place for breakfast
laserre dubai place for breakfast

Head to LaSerre for one of the best breakfast place in Downtown Dubai.

Tucked away in the heart of downtown Dubai, LaSerre offers quintessential French fare.  We recently tried the Boulangerie that is buzzing with activity, a common sight for anything that is new to the city.

The menu was simple and short with a choice of eggs, fruits and yogurt along with a range of pastries and breads to choose from.  We ordered scrambled eggs with salmon and scrambled eggs with truffles.  The eggs were fluffy albeit drowning in cream, the salmon was fresh and tasty.  Our second order however, that also happened to be the most expensive dish on the menu and rightfully so because of the truffles, left a lot to be desired.

The big hit of the breakfast though was their absolutely delicious caramelized pain perdu (translate as “lost bread”) – a type of French toast made with milk and eggs and fried in butter.

The cold latte was also definitely worth having as well as their flakey and moreish Pain au Chocolat.

We definitely enjoyed the distinctly refined French ambience will be back probably just for a coffee and a pastry with girlfriends.

LaSerre Boulangerie
Vida Hotel Downtown
Tel: 044286966 

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