Nobu Iftar Dubai

Nobu in Dubai offers an Iftar set menu throughout the month of Ramadan.

Iftar menus can get a little monotonous and that is why we went ahead and accepted an invitation to experience the Japanese menu offered at Nobu.  We arrived just a little before the breaking of the fast (doors for Nobu open at 7pm) and were greeted by a loud welcome shoutout by the entire staff in Japanese.  Our friendly waiter was quick to bring over the Iftar menu, a 6-course meal that he promised would leave us full (and he was absolutely right!).

Nobu Iftar Dubai 2

We began with some succulent dates and some crispy dried vegetables that came with a strong wasabi sauce.  Next came a spicy seafood soup that was wholesome and comforting.  We were also offered a fresh Nobu juice made with pineapple and oranges and some cream-definitely a must-try for those fasting as we immediately felt a sugar boost.

Nobu Iftar Dubai 5

Our shitake salad with coma truffle dressing was definitely a favourite.  The next course was the signature shrimp tempura with a creamy spicy sauce-an indulgent dish that we thoroughly enjoyed.  For those watching their waist-line there is the steamed sea bass with dry miso and eggplant puree that is light and beautifully presented.

The grilled beef tenderloin with teriyaki sauce is tender and an absolute delight-definitely a must-try.  If you prefer chicken that the tobanyaki served in a Japanese-hotpot is also really delightful.

Nobu Iftar Dubai 3

Once done with all the savoury, it was finally onto the dessert.  Although quite full we thoroughly enjoyed the different flavoured mochi ice cream that was accompanied by a fresh fruit crumble.

Overall it was a wonderful experience that is definitely worth experiencing if you are on the lookout for a different type of Iftar.

Nobu Iftar Set Menu is priced at 270 per person 


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