Aloe Vera, the miracle plant with endless uses, is striving in the UAE. Learn how use it for your beauty preparations or for DIY hand sanitiser

Aloe Vera is thriving in dry and tropical climate and you can often see the plant growing in backyard garden in the UAE. If you don’t have the plant, you can buy it online it costs as little as 15 AED. It needs little care – water it only once a week –  and has a high sun tolerance and fast growth.

The gel extracted from its leave have been used for centuries to heal wounds, treat some skin problems, burns and help digestive issue (such as heartburn). It’s rich in antioxidants and vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E and it contains seven of the eight essential amino acids.

The gel can even delay the ripen process in some vegetables and be used as ingredient to many homemade beauty products and hand sanitizer.

Find out in the video below how to make your own Aloe Vera gel:

How to use it

Making your own gel is easy and inexpensive and has multiple uses such as:

  • Hand sanitizer
    • The recipe from the epidemiologist Jagdish Khubchandani includes:
      Two parts isopropyl alcohol or ethanol (91 percent to 99 percent alcohol)
      One part aloe vera
      A few drops of clove, eucalyptus, peppermint, or other essential oil
      Make sure the alcohol used for the hand sanitizer is not diluted.
      Mix all the ingredients thoroughly until they are well blended.
      Do not touch the mixture with your hands until it is ready for use.
  • Moisturize your skin
  • Ease eczema and psoriasis
  • Relieve itchy mosquitoes bites
  • Fight acne…

Want to know more about Aloe Vera uses? Watch the video below that will teach you 12 ways to use Aloe Vera gel:

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