Fable & Mane is a haircare brand that uses traditional Indian herbs known to nourish the hair.

Siblings Nikita and Akash Mehta are the founders of Fable & Mane, a haircare brand that pays homage to their grandmother’s tradition of therapeutic hair oiling. Uses Indian plants and herbs and combining them with scents by a French perfumer, they have created a collection of hair oils and scalp masks that we absolutely adore!


The MahaMane™ Smooth & Shine Hair Oil is an ayurvedic leave-in hair oil treatment designed to nourish strands and reduce frizz with six potent fruit oils for instant shine.

This unique antioxidant-rich hair oil is clinically proven to tame frizz after a single use and strengthen damaged strands, smoothing and adding shine with every drop, for stronger and healthier hair.

Mane Ingredients:


Shikakai, also famed as the “fruit of hair” is a Ayurvedic herb that provides each strand with instant shine and bounce whilst reducing unruly frizz.


Ashwagandha gets to the root of all hair problems. The adaptogenic root full of antioxidants aids in strengthening hair and reducing breakage, for stronger and healthier hair.

Potent Fruit Oils

MahaMane™ Smooth & Shine Hair oil is packed full of 6 nourishing fruit oils that both nourish and strengthen dry and damages hair, such as Babassu, Buriti, Acai, Passion, Pataua and Castor.

The Fable & Mane MahaMane™ Smooth & Shine Hair Oil is an antioxidant rich hair oil that protects hair from heat up to 450F. The colour safe and silicone-free vegan formula is designed to be applied to towel-dried hair before styling.

  • Rub oil into palms and apply to towel-dried hair, from mid-lengths to ends. Use 1-3 drops for fine or short hair. 3-5 drops for thick or long hair
  • Comb through and blow-dry or air-dry as usual.
  • Fable and Mane Tip: Add another drop after to dry ends or flyaways to give strands a boost of shine.

The Fable & Mane MahaMane™ range story begins with ancient mane secrets that lie deep within the Indian jungle, where potent plant roots and fruit oils work in harmony to bestow instant shine and tame even the wildest of manes…

 The Fable & Mane MahaMane™ Smooth & Shine Hair Oil retails for 152AED/SAR/QAR, 12.73KWD/15.60BHD



The HoliRoots™ Hair Oil is an ancient Indian hair secret, this cult-favorite pre-wash root treatment oil is an active blend of holistic plant roots, such as Indian adaptogen ashwagandha, Dashmool and Castor Oil to strengthen the scalp and roots.

Indulge in the most divine scent that transports you to Incredible India and discover the awakening aromas of the brand’s encyclopedia of authentic Indian plant extracts, blended to create a luxurious and mindful haircare experience.


Key Ingredients:

Ashwagandha – Withania Somnifera aka ‘Indian Ginseng’

An ayurvedic remedy to help the body adapt to stress and build resilience, strengthening the scalp.

Dashmool – ‘The Ten Roots’

A grounding plant remedy which is used as a nourishing scalp tonic that helps to strength the scalp skin and calm nerves.

Castor Oil

A natural beauty secret for hair growth, rich in fatty acids, it increases blood flow around the scalp for clean, healthy hair

The Fable & Mane HoliRoots™Hair Oil is the first step in the HoliRoots™Hair Ritual. Fable & Mane products are designed to transform your regular hair wash routine into a weekly hair ritual offering a sensorial experience featuring sublime scents.

The Fable & Mane HoliRoots™ Hair Oil 55mls retails for 137AED/SAR/QAR, 10.75KWD/14.25BHD

 The Fable & Mane HoliRoots™ Hair Oil 100mls retails for 197AED/SAR/QAR, 15.50KWD/20.25BHD



The HoliRoots™ Hair Mask offers  a rich repairing experience for stressed hair.

This high-performance formula with an exquisite creamy texture, that feels and smells like a soft whipped delicious dessert is a nourishing treat for all hair types. Revive damaged hair back to its former glory with mango butter, banana & coconut cream.

The HoliRoots™ Hair Mask restores hydration and shine by deep conditioning the hair and helping to repair the damage caused to your tresses by styling and pollution.

This is the ultimate hair food to drift away from environmental stresses into mane nirvana.

Mane Ingredients:

Coconut Cream

Our complex of coconut water, cocoa butter and sugarcane promotes cell growth and keeps hair strong by stimulating the scalp. It improves blood circulation and combined with its many vitamins, minerals and amino acids, coconut water works to fortify strands and help make your locks grow even thicker. 


Rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C which help to soften hair, improve shine and protect natural elasticity. Prevents and controls dandruff by moisturising the scalp.

The Fable & Mane HoliRoots™ Hair Mask is a lightweight, silicone-free, vegan & color safe formula designed to be part of your weekly hair ritual.


  • Apply desired amount of product from tip to root on damp hair, section by section until evenly applied.
  • Gently rub product into hair strands and allow to sit for at least 5 minutes.
  • Rinse well with warm water.

The Fable & Mane HoliRoots™ Hair Mask retails for 130AED/SAR/QAR, 10.25KWD/13.50BHD

Fable & Mane products are designed to transform your regular hair wash routine into a weekly hair ritual offering a sensorial experience featuring sublime scents. Fable & Mane will be available at 42 Sephora stores across the GCC region in the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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