TŌRI, translating to the passage, is a contemporary izakaya-style dining experience.

With new restaurants popping up on every corner in Dubai, it is no easy feat to decide which one to try. But as fans of Around The Block, we knew their Japanese concept would not disappoint. Every evening from 5 pm onwards, the buzzing cafe transforms into the vibrant and Japaneasy-inspired eatery, TŌRI.

TŌRI, translating to the passage, is a contemporary izakaya-style dining experience. From the moment we stepped inside we were greeted with a live sushi station, where the chefs were showcasing their culinary prowess in a theatrical cooking show, dishing out a plethora of delicious-looking Japanese delicacies.

The menu is a mix of Japanese-inspired cuisine with a modern twist,  Featuring a diverse selection ranging from robatas and innovative sushi rolls to meticulously crafted mains and even a Raw Bar. We ordered a mix of small plates and big mains to share across the table.

The Crab Salad features a luscious crab salad base and it arrives at your table with a crunchy tortilla and a layer of finely sliced avocado. The Goma Salad, a refreshing mix of baby spinach, enoki, and truffle goma dressing is delicious. For a taste of the sea, we picked the Rock Shrimp with spicy mayo and wasabi peas, that was a perfect blend of textures and flavors.

The Tori Ramen Bar has a great selection of different bowls and we picked Chicken Shoe Ramen served with ajitama eggs, mushrooms and onions. We slurped our way through this bowl of goodness-it’s a comforting dish that is enough reason to come back to TŌRI very soon. Oh, and next time we won’t be sharing it!

The Salmon Carpaccio featuring sesame ponzu and chives or the Wagyu Roll adorned with truffle carpaccio and teriyaki glaze are a crowd-pleaser both aesthetically and for their unique taste.


In the mains the Spicy Tenderloin and Mushroom Rice Hot Stone were simply fantastic. The meat melted in the mouth and together with the steaming hot rice it was a winning combination.

TŌRI offers an unpretentious and delectable dining experience

TŌRI’s dual concept is now available at both locations in Wasl 51 and Khawaneej Walk daily from 5 pm onwards.


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