The ‘La Formule’  business lunch menu is available on weekdays from 12pm-4pm.

Beefbar comes to Dubai from Monte-Carlo and is nestled along the famous Turtle Lagoon at Jumeirah Al Naseem. The culinary experience here is not just limited to exclusive meat cuts but also includes plant-based dishes and seafood. In fact Riccardo Giraudi, aka Beefboy, the dynamic and creative restaurateur, doesn’t do steaks the classical way. The menu features elevated street food such as plant-based bao bun, Kobe & Angus shawarma with tahini, lobster tacos and so much more.

The brasserie style setting is classic and inviting. We love the attention to detail-the bespoke appetizer plates with playful emojis on them from camels to T-bone steaks have all been crafted by the famed porcelain house, Bernardaud.

We wanted to try out the famed ‘La Formule’-the business lunch offered on weekdays. The meal began with the house mix salad which was a medley of green leaves with a fresh cirtrus dressing and pecans for that extra crunch.

For the main course, we were spoilt for choice with three great options. The first is scaloppine di filetto, a succulent veal fillet cooked in a butter-yuzu sauce and served on a bed of nori. For a lighter option – the ginger seabass, which offers delicate flavors of the sea, served with sautéed vegetables and soy-ginger sauce.

Also on the menu is Beefbar’s classic ‘steak-frites’, topped with a black truffle butter sauce made with extract from the sauce “originale Relais de Paris”. The steak is sourced from the exclusive hanging tender cut of US Prime Black Angus, renowned for its succulent flavour and tender texture. For our first visit, this was our dish of choice and it went beyond our expectations! The meat was perfectly tender and juicy and the sauce was fantastic-the side of homemade fries were delightful.

An exquisite “dessert of the day” which was individual servings of the most perfect tiramisu was just what we needed to round off this fabulous business lunch experience.

Lunchtime is buzzing without being too loud for a real conversation and despite the heavy traffic the staff is attentive and efficient . This is a business lunch that we can book without the stress of being disappointed!

Experience the best of Beefbar with “La Formule” and take your lunch to the next level.

Price: 150 AED per person

When: Available everyday from 12pm to 4pm

Where: Beefbar, Turtle Lagoon, Jumeirah Al Naseem Dubai, UAE

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