Chakon is a quaint Japanese tea house in Dubai filled with all types of authentic sweet treats.

We stumbled upon this quaint Japanese tea house in Dubai by chance. A cozy space, the décor is quite calming. There is a small section dedicated to in-house dining while the rest of the space boasts and extensive selection of premium dried fruits.

The menu offers a range of different types of teas and desserts. There is a French toast that looks quite tempting and shaved ice cream that would definitely please the kids.

Dried fruits

Dried Setouchi Orange

We were intrigued by the different types of exotic dried fruits on display and available to buy. Imported from different parts of Japan, the dried fruits are neatly packaged and can be tried before purchasing.

Dried Kishu Fig

Dried Kishu Fig


Sencha Green Tea

Sencha Green Tea

Depending on your taste you can find salted tomato from Fukushima, fishu fig from Wakayama, sliced setouchi orange from Setouchi, dried kyohou grape from Yamanashi, dried shiranui orange from Kumamoto, dried Japanese plum from Wakayama, sliced apple from Nagano, purple yam chips from Kagoshima, gold ginger from Kochi and even the famous Yuzu peel from Ehime.

If you are a fan of Japanese tea then there is kuki houji cha from Shizuoka, houji cha from Fukuoka, rakuraku sen cha from fukuoka and mizudashi sen cha from Fukuoka.

Chakon is definitely a unique Japanese tea house tucked away in the heart of Dubai. These dried fruits and exotic teas make lovely gifts and snacks for when visitors come over.

Al Manzil Downtown
Tel: +971 4228 8883

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