For anyone in need of an anti-aging hair treatment, especially those with weak, thinning or brittle hair.

Ever since the pandemic we have been experiencing an alarming increase in hair loss. In fact it got us so worried that we started to google it and it turns out we aren’t alone. Studies have shown that the stress of the pandemic has triggered hair loss in people across the world.

The good news is that our friends at Miriam Quevedo have just launched a brand new line Black Baccara, designed for hair loss. The collection includes shampoo, conditioner, serum and treatments.

Made with fresh rose stems cells to promote healthy hair growth by preventing disturbances that can hinder or shorten the growth phase so that hair stays anchored to the scalp. Achieving strong and healthy hair is often challenged by our modern lifestyle which disrupt our hair growth biological clock and wreak havoc on the hair follicle. The highly concentrated products don’t just stimulate growth and prevent hair loss at the cellular level, they also reverse hair fiber damage bringing strength and elasticity back to a virgin state.

We have now been using the products for a few weeks and can tell you that they are seriously working their magic. The hair looks healthier and we are finally not losing handfuls of it on a daily basis. Oh, and as always, they smell divine!

The products are formulated without Parabens, Mineral Oils, Phthalates, Paraffin or Petrolatum.

Whether you concern is hair fall or then a dry scalp, the Miriam Quevedo range has it all covered. You can check out details of their other products that we love here.

Miriam Quevedo range is available at Bloomingdales, Dubai Mall and Harvey Nichols Dubai, Mall of the Emirates.

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