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Moombai & Co features a menu with all of auntie’s favorite dishes.

We love exploring new places around town and Moombai & Co caught our attention because of its unique style.   This café style dining offers old-fashioned Parsi and Indian cuisine served in an innovative way.

It pays homage to the traditional Irani-Parsi cafes which flourished in Mumbai during the fabulous 50’s.  The decor is colourful, and quirky, with vintage Bollywood posters covering the walls and old relics and memorabilia.  The ambiance and style is characteristic of a Parsi café featuring ceiling fans, exposed brick, mahogany furniture, Italian marble table tops, bent cane chairs and pendulum wall clocks.

The menu is a mix of vegetarian and meat dishes.  We started with our personal favourites the Keema Pao, a famed and adored café delicacy of minced meat with buttered pao, and Patra Ni Macchi, steamed  white pomfret marinated with generous amounts of green chutney and served wrapped in banana leaf. The scrumptious lamb chops served with baby potatoes is a dish we absolutely adored. The pulled lamb taco is another inventive dish made with the most tender meat that is neatly tucked inside makki ki roti.

The Mirchi ka salan is a more spicy dish that is essentially green chillies stuffed with paneer in a thick green gravy that we scooped up with the thin roti. If you are in the mood for seafood then the Calicut prawns is a coconut curry dish with grilled jumbo prawns that are moist and juicy.

Lastly, we tried Auntie’s classic Sali Marghi (80 AED), slow cooked chicken curry made from a secret recipe and perfect with the piping hot Garlic Naan (20 AED).

Moombai & Co serves fresh food in a relaxed atmosphere that is great for a chilled evening out with friends.  There is also a lovely terrace for the months when the weather is cooler.

Moombai & Co

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