Ramadan Recipes Ideas

Iftar menu planning options for this Ramadan 2017.

Finding a new menu to serve daily at Iftar and Suhoor throughout the Holy Month can be tough. So, we have rounded up a selection of dishes to make your life way easier and also feed your inspiration.

Summer Ramadan Cooking

Summer Ramadan Cooking Book

If you don’t mind reading ebooks, we came across one titled ‘Summer Ramadan Cooking’ which is available to buy online with Amazon and downloadable on your device in just a few seconds. Priced at 37 AED, this ebook focusing on healthy options is filled with more than a hundred recipes, from soups, to appetizers, salads, main dishes and desserts. A nice way to help you prepare healthy meals all month long.

Online websites to browse

Surprinsingly, we found two branded websites that propose a wide array of Ramadan recipes.

On Nestle-Family, you can choose different salads, mains and desserts to cook and help you manage planning ahead or find a last-minute idea.

Recipes from the famous book ‘Olives, Lemons and Za’atar’ by Rawia Bishara

Olives Lemons and Za'atar book

Rawia Bishara, the owner and Chef of Tanoreen, a famous restaurant in New York City wrote a book on Middle Eastern Cuisine that has a staunch following. Still not available to buy in the UAE, we propose you to discover a few recipes from this book that were published a year ago on the Reader’s digest. Discover how to prepare an Eggplant Salad, a Sweet Pea and Kafta Stew, Brussels Sprouts with Panko, a Spiced Lamb Shank and a Flourless Tangerine Apricot Cake.

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