omnia gourmet jumerah fishing harbor silvena rowe
omnia gourmet jumerah fishing harbor silvena rowe

Brinner  (breakfast for dinner) is a fresh new culinary concept introduced on the menu of Omnia Gourmet by celebrity chef Silvena Rowe that is located at the Jumeirah Fishing Harbor.

Move over brunch, because we just discovered the latest culinary movement to hit Dubai. Hello, Brinner, yes, that’s right breakfast for dinner is the respected new food revolution sweeping across the world. It isn’t just about throwing together a toast with some peanut butter or marmite spread over it-instead, Omnia Gourmet offers a refined and exotic version that has us convinced about this foodie movement.

Hidden away in the fishing harbor, Omnia Gourmet is an enchanting new café that has a décor and menu like nothing we have seen before in Dubai. Whimsical in its style, we adore the beautiful tiled walls and the foliage hanging from the roof-Omnia Gourmet has its own personal style aesthetic and identity.

Offering a menu that is built on the ‘farm to table’ premise, the ingredients are locally sourced, seasonal and organic (when possible). Brinner has just recently been introduced onto the menu and is served daily from 6pm onwards. The options are simple, a choice of Eggs Benedict served with either lobster, salmon or veal bacon along with with the firm favorite, Shakusha.

Our serving of the Lobster Benedict was luxurious and decadent. The perfectly cooked egg was served sitting on top of the delicately cooked lobster and topped with a rich hollandaise sauce. It is a memorable dish that we could possibly order on every visit.

Shakshuka, the traditional Middle Eastern dish is wholesome and hearty making it an ideal Brinner staple. At Omnia Gourmet the poached eggs are served in a flavorful tomato sauce with sharp feta sprinkled over it for that added texture and flavor. This dish is perfect for sharing.

Omnia Gourmet is all about clean eating without sacrificing on taste and with their brand new Brinner concept, we are happy to give up the traditional dinner plate for runny eggs instead.

Omnia Gourmet is located in Jumeirah Fishing Harbour 1

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